Facebook Competition - 10K Fans!


We have a great and thriving Facebook community, with tons of awesome fans. To celebrate the milestone of reaching 10,000 Facebook fans, we are throwing a huge competition for every single one of them, with a chance to win a $500 voucher!

What does this entail, you ask? Well, it's quite simple really - we want you to create either an image or a video of you and/or your mates doing something related to the words "ozgameshop.com". It's that simple!

Gaming is encouraged of course! We're talking spelling out ozgameshop.com in lava on Minecraft. Kamikaze a jet in BF3 while screaming ozgameshop.com down your microphone. Take a screenshot of you at the top of the TF2 leader board with ozgameshop.com as your name. You get the idea!

What if you can't get a screenshot/video of you playing? First of all, don't panic! We're both welcoming and encouraging creative ideas too! Spelling the words out with your mates and taking a photo? Or a video of you singing a song you wrote about us? (Extra points for internet humiliation) How about you go the entire stretch, and get the ozgameshop.com logo stitched onto a jacket...? All these ideas and more are completely acceptable. Main point is to have fun!

To win the competition, simply get the most points for your entry. To get points, try and get as many likes, comments and shares as possible, plus do that extra something to earn the points from the judges. For full details of the points system and how to win, look under Voting below.

The top image and the top video will each receive a prize of 500,000 Player Points - that's $500 worth of Player Points! So get going! We want an image and a video. Make it funny, make it great, and make it awesome!


The competition will start when we have reached 10,000 fans on our Facebook page and will run for a month. If the end date falls on a weekend, it will be cut short to the nearest Friday before. The end date will be confirmed once the competition has begun.


Anyone who is a fan of Ozgameshop on Facebook can enter the competition.


All individuals are welcome to take part, teams are also eligible for entry and the prize can be split. The split can be entirely at your discretion as long as all parties agree to the denominations.


You can submit as many entries as you like for both the Image and Video categories however any one individual is not eligible to win both categories, this includes that individual's work while being part of another team.


All unique entries that conform to the outline of the competition are accepted. Any parties found guilty of plagiarism will have their entries discarded from the competition, also any attempts to harm any other fans or discredit their work will not be tolerated.


The winner will be decided by a points system, based on how many likes, comments and shares your entry has, plus voting by the 2 judges, Tom and Adam. The points are as follows;

  • 10 points for the most likes
  • 10 for the most comments
  • 10 for the most shares

This way, you can earn up to 30 points just by getting your friends and family to like, comment and share your entry. Then, a further 20 points may be awarded by a judge. These will be given to entries we believe to be excellently creative, or which took an extraordinary amount of effort to create. This way, we can ensure the competition is fair, and that all entries are judged equally. And, because me and Adam may well vote on different entries, it's still completely possible to win without a vote from the judges. Please bear in mind, however, If entries are believed to have a fake/fabricated number of likes, comments or shares, we will not include them when announcing a winner.

Please note!:

We will only count shares/likes/comments that are directly from our page that can be publicly viewed. Firstly, this means if you want them to be counted, please request your friends share the image directly from our page, not from yours i.e a "second hand share". This is due to a limitation in Facebook's API that makes it impossible to count such shares. Secondly, please make the share public! This is easy to do; once you have shared the post, simply click the individual edit for that post and click "Public". This will not affect any other privacy settings you may have set.


By accepting a prize, Ozgameshop.com may use of your facebook name online and in print, or in any other media, in connection with this competition, without payment or compensation to you, except where prohibited by law. Ozgameshop reserve the right to withdraw the prizes at any time after the competition has finished in the event of new information regarding foul play.